gvSIG Educa

Thursday May 31st, 2018

gvSIG Educa is a customization of the gvSIG Desktop Open Source GIS, adapted as a tool for the education of issues that have a geographic component. The aim is to provide educators with a tool that helps students to analyse and understand space, and which can be adapted to different levels or education systems. gvSIG Educa is not only useful
for the teaching of geographic material, but can also be used for learning any subject that contains a spatial component such as history, economics, natural science, sociology… Facilitates learning by letting students interact with the information, by adding a spatial component to the study of the material, and by facilitating the
assimilation of concepts through visual tools such as thematic maps. gvSIG Educa provides analysis tools that help to understand spatial relationships. Other open source GIS packages provide similar feature sets.