Training week at Kingston University (London, UK)

miercuri, 29 iunie 2016 Noutăți

The training week at Kingston University London (KUL) delivered presentations by world-renowned specialists from Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice (CHERP) and combine group discussion, case studies and best practices to enhance the knowledge and skills of academic staff to gain a better understanding of how students learn and how to support the learning process in the 21st century.
The week featured 5 full days, between 27 June and 1 July, 2016  – 8 hour/days of expert, relevant and impactful education for the target group (25 trainees from Moldova universities – TSU, USARB, TUM, USC, CSU, SAUM) of the TEACH-ME project.
The training week in KUL concentrated on innovative pedagogical approaches and e-teaching for teachers, providing to trainees the opportunity to reflect on their knowledge and practices, ask questions about unclear ideas, and explore the values of educational e-tools and apps.
The programme included the following presentations:

CHERP Mission and Activities, by Professor Lesley-Jane Reynolds and Dr Tim Linsey (CHERP)

High Education Environment: Constraints, Challenges and Opportunities for Curriculum Design, by Professor Lesley-Jane Reynolds and Dr Clarissa Wilks (CHERP)

Framework for Assessing the Quality of E-learning by Dr Diogo Casanova (CHERP)

Principles of Curriculum Design for Distance or Blended Learning Courses, by Dr Isabel Huet & Dr Diogo Casanova (CHERP)

Teaching as a Design Science: Pedagogical Pattern Collector Tool, by Dr Dejan Ljubojevic (CHERP)

Looking Forward to the Implementation of Technology-Enhanced. Learning at Universities, by Professor Linda Price (CHERP)

The Use of Social Media in Universities, by Dr Beryl Jones (CHERP)

Design of Distance Learning Courses: The case of the on-line Post-Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HE and Short Courses, by Dr Colin Clarke & Dr Diogo Casanova (CHERP)

Supporting and Delivering On-line Learning, by Dr Diogo Casanova & Dr Isabel Huet (CHERP)

The Importance of Learning Analytics, by Mr Hendrik van der Sluis (CHERP)

Design of a Certificate in Innovative Pedagogy: The case of the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, by Florence Garelli  (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France)

On-line Assessment, by Dr Lucy Renton (CHERP)

The Development of an On-line Tool for Scaffolding Critical Thinking, by Professor Lesley-Jane Reynolds (CHERP)

The Use of Clickers, Blogs and E-portfolios, by Suzan Orwell, Dr James Price & Dr Stuart Downward (CHERP)

In addition to these presentations, trainers encouraged critical thinking as a way to persuade trainees to reflect on their own knowledge, to organize their ideas in preparation for instruction, and to prepare for the future activities in the project.

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