Learning can happen everywhere and anytime. We also actively used webinars in order to learn more from each other within our consortium. Just take a look at topics we shared amongst the partnership, and benefit from this know-how for free!

31 mai 2018

TEACHME Webinar n°2 « E-assessment : methods & tools »

This 1-hour webinar was the opportunity for the 13 participants to have an overview of online formative assessment methods and tools and how they can benefit teaching practices and learning experience. They were themselves in the role of learners and experienced how interactivity can be implemented during an online course.

31 mai 2018

TEACHME Webinar n°1 « Pedagogical uses of ICT »

During this 2-hour webinar, through different synchronous and asynchronous e-learning scenarios examples, the 16 participants were exposed the importance of choosing the appropriate e-learning scenarios to reach well-designed learning objectives and outcomes. Pr Christoph Brake analyzed the equipment chosen by Moldovan partners and discussed with them the relevance of the chosen technologies according to the […]